Winchmore Hill Bowls Club

Becoming a Member at Winchmore Hill BC

You are welcome to apply for membership whether you have experience in bowls or none at all. All new bowlers have a dedicated coach and mentor.

If you’re a complete beginner, don’t worry, you are not alone. Every bowler remembers their first experience and so you’ll find lots of encouragement and guidance from the outset.

Your coach will give you lessons and sign you off to bowl freely when you are ready (usually after two or three sessions).

Your mentor is with you for your first year. They will be your contact for all matters connected to the club. They will show you how the club operates, introduce you to existing members and answer any questions you may have.

Weekend Membership

For those who want to enjoy bowls but have a busy weekday schedule, we have recently launched our weekend membership.

Weekend members can play on Friday evenings and any time on Saturday and Sunday, perhaps joining the roll-ups on weekend mornings.

What you need to start

Not much is the answer.

The club usually has sets of bowls that you can borrow until you are ready to acquire your own.

We have a dress code. You’ll basically need a white, collared top and smart trousers or shorts or skirt (not jeans/cargo pants/tracksuit bottoms etc.).  Most people already have these. On Friday evenings the dress code is relaxed.

Starting off with flat soled shoes is OK, but you should soon get a pair of bowls shoes … and these start as low as around £20.

Roll Ups

These are bowling sessions which are relaxed and intended as practice sessions and the opportunity for new members to join in. All levels of bowler are welcome. Members will help new bowlers become more familiar with how the game is played in teams.

Visit the Club and Have a Go

If you’d like to see the club and try bowls for yourself, we can arrange for you to visit and have a trial session with one of our coaches. Look out for our Open Day too … usually in early May.

To contact us to arrange a session, see our Contact page.


Our fees cover a full calendar year. For new members, discounts will apply.

For Full Bowling Members, annual membership is £165.

For Social Members, annual membership fee is £55.

For Weekend Members, the annual fee is £55 for bowling from Friday evening through Sunday and Bank Holidays.