Winchmore Hill Bowls Club

Winchmore Hill Bowls Club History

History of Winchmore Hill Bowling Club

The Club was founded on Monday, 31st October 1932, when a group of gentleman assembled at Cedars Hall at 8 pm.

The first meeting of the Winchmore Hill Bowling Club was convened under the chairmanship of Mr C B Ustonson. It had already been decided that if a new bowling green and clubhouse were to be built, it would be necessary to form a company and issue shares to raise the considerable sum of money needed.

As the funds had already been secured, the meeting had been called to elect officers and to commence to transact the business of the bowling club. During the meeting, the Secretary was instructed to apply for affiliation to The English Bowling Association. The London and Southern Counties Bowling Association and the Middlesex Bowling Association.

At a subsequent meeting the Winchmore Hill Sports Association Ltd was formed to raise the £2,000 necessary to commence building. At that time Entrance Fee was set at £1-1s-0d and subscriptions at £3-3s-0d.

By 1933 work was well underway and opening day took place on 6th May 1933. Invitations for Opening Day were sent to the English Bowling Association, Middlesex County Bowling Association and London & Southern Counties Bowling Association.

So the Club was born.

This year we are celebrating our 90th anniversary!